Let’s get Moving!

Of all the things homeowners control when selling their home, the condition of the property is the most important. In order to compete effectively with other Sellers, homeowners must present their homes to the marketplace in great condition, buyers will always seek the best priced property in the best condition.

Making a to do list will keep you on track. Starting with the exterior of your property, great curb appeal will help your property make a great first impression.

Take a good look at your property through the critical eyes of a buyer. Ask yourself: Is there anything that needs repair, looks worn, or outdated?

Prioritize your list, things to consider:

Continue your list inside starting at your front door. Buyers should see a neat, well lit home

De-cluttering is just as important inside the home, if not more!

Now that your home has been decluttered and repaired its time to clean, every area of your home must sparkle and shine! Some items to pay attention to:

As you are working to prepare your property for sale strive to create a neutral presentation to appeal to the greatest number of buyers in your marketplace.

Enhancing your home prior to your first showing is ideal since your best showings come early in the listing period. Be Ready!!

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