Buying a home can be a complex adventure. As an Accredited Buyer Representative. .  Lisa has extensive experience in the home finding process and you have made the decision to buy a home.

Your just a few steps away!

 1. Define your search

2. Educate you on market conditions

3. Guide you to homes that fit your criteria 

4. Preparing an offer

Lisa will guide you through the offer process by reviewing sale history of home and neighbourhood, discussing the terms and conditions of the offer, recommending industry experts, home and septic inspectors, lawyers, and contractors.

5. Satisfying the Conditions (Inspections, financing, legal review)

Typically a Buyer will have up to 5 business days (excluding weekends and Holidays) to satisfy their conditions and proceed with the sale. Your offer will be created and structured to suit your needs

6. Fulfilling the Conditions

You are now satisfied with the conditions of the offer and are ready to sign the Notice of Fulfillment, once you have executed this document and the Seller acknowledges receipt of the document, you will have a firm sale!

7. Time to celebrate you have purchased a home!